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Sustainable Economic Development has been identified by the United Nations, as one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be realized by 2030. Curaçao also acknowledges these goals and is committed to push the agenda to reach sustainable economic growth on the island. The former Minister of Economic Development Dr. Steven Martina has outlayed his Sustainable Economic Development vision in his presentation titled ‘A controlled disruption for Curaçao’ early in february.

This edition of REACH also portrays the sustainable economic growth policy of the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO). The International Trade Division of the MEO leads the international part of this program and the Economic and Innovation Division is in charge of implementation of the innovation policy of the Government. This policy is the main topic of an interview with Mrs. Zulaika Mook, Head of the division within MEO that is responsible for innovation and economic development. Sustainable development as a rule requires considerable investment to guarantee consistency and continuity. It is therefore important to have access to the right funding possibilities. The MEO has recently opened a desk for the European Funding Platform. This desk will assist Curaçao companies and organizations in their quest for international financing. Taiana Mora who during 2018 has been appointed as a trade representative for Curaçao businesses in the Dominican Republic, explained the complex -but not impossible- process of achieving funding from the EU during the opening of the EU desk in Curaçao. Mora shares her views on international trade possibilities for Curaçao and Caribbean businesses in an interview with REACH.

This edition also dedicates attention to the official introductory visit of the Board of the recently established Curaçao Manufacturers Association (CMA) to the Minister of Economic Development. At this occasion, the manufacturers and the Minister shared views about ways to boost the local manufacturing sector while emphasizing the sustainable development agenda.

One of the dynamic local manufacturers is Cedric Sprock, owner of ‘The Coffee Factory’, producer of the high quality ‘Café Barista’ brand. In this edition of REACH, he explains his growth- and branding strategies that lean heavily on corporate social responsibility and customer satisfaction.

2019, with all the exciting new projects in the loop, such as more investments in the tourism sector than ever before, promises to be the turning point for the economic trend of the island. REACH will keep you informed of the progress.

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