Bon Biní for Business Summit 2019:
A huge success!

The 2nd Bon Biní for Business Summit held on January 21 and 22, 2019 was a huge succes. More than 40 companies and a delegation of approximately 70 persons from the Dutch public and Private sector travelled to Curaçao for a two day summit about doing business, networking, to teamup in the field of innovation and investments in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands teamed up with the Prime Minister of Curaçao and backed by the Minister of Economic Development and the Mininster of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning and a large representation of the Curaçao Private Sector made it possible to show the best Curaçao has to offer. The theme “Curaçao is Open for Business” reflects the dynamic atmosphere and great presentations of Curaçao’s Logistics Sector, Innovation and Smart Nation Developments, our Tourism Sector and very concrete business opportunities.

Coupled with our excellent organization and hospitality the Bon Bini For Business summit was a vast success. Click here to review all the presentations that were presented during Bon Bini for Business Summit 2019.


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