One of the smart nation projects that promises to give a tremendous spin-off for Curaçao is the development of the Deep Sea Water Industry (DSWI). Deep seawater is pumped to the shore and then used in a sustainable way creating added-value while making profit at the same time: a whole new sustainable industry with several benefits for the island. The government supports the development and facilitates a group that will lead, drive and observe how the government can contribute even further to the new industry.

One of the main challenges for people living in small islands like Curaçao is the lack of natural resources and the overwhelming dependency on import of almost everything – ranging from basic goods to sophisticated technology. Being able to make use of an eco-friendly, renewable and available resource, is great news: it offers the possibility to create a self-sustaining economic sector based on innovation and sustainability. DSWI has that potential – by making use of the surrounding ocean water. Cold deep seawater of approximately 4-6° C at 800-1.000 meters depth is pumped to the shore and circulated in flowing systems to provide cooling, energy, water and food needs, before the water is returned to the ocean. 

Tujeehut explains that this project has tremendous potential and can create a whole new industry. Some of the possibilities that have been identified are the cooling of buildings, such as the new hospital that is currently under construction. “Calculation say it will be possible to save up to 90% of electricity used and thus lower costs by using Deep Sea Water cooling technology”, says Tujeehut. Besides that, the condensing effect of the air cooling systems also produces cool water that can be used for irrigation in agricultural projects and landscaping in the hotel sector. The lower temperature that can be reached even creates the possibility to experiment with the cultivation of crops that are normally grown in cooler climates.

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