According to Globally Cool

International Business can be made easy!

Globally Cool was one of the companies that provided guest speakers during the National Export Awareness Week (NEAW) of Curaçao. Alfons van Duijvenbode and Elske Muijs of the Globally Cool team, shared insights with the participants on methods to help them develop exports or their goods and services. Their presentations were sure some of the highlights of the summit.

According to Alfons and Elske, they went to catch a tan in the hustling and bustling Caribbean! On their company website they write about their Curaçao experience as follows: “While looking over the Sint Annabaai from our hotel terrace and glaring at the vibrant colors of the buildings on the Handelskade in Curaçao, we prepared a series of inspiring, enlightening and eye-opening international trade presentations”.

As participants at the summit, the REACH team surely welcomed their presentations. Globally Cool was invited by Curaçao’s Ministry of Economic Development to provide workshops throughout the NEAW, the platform that seeks to increase awareness of and showcase Curaçao’s export potential. Globally Cool’s representatives encouraged current and potential exporters to initiate and enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities through innovation and collaboration. This was in line with this year’s theme; “Curaçao as an Export Nation: Unleashing the export potential of Curaçao”.


The topics that were addressed by Globally Cool were among others, how to use Market Intelligence. They showed tools to identify promising markets for exporting products. They also talked about market trends and how to deal with opportunities and challenges when doing business in the EU. Exporters always need information on how to find relevant buyers for their products.

Alfons and Elske explained how to use different sources to find these buyers. Other topics that were examined were how to optimize trade fair participation and how to successfully promote your business through effective website marketing. Alfons and Elske shared their knowledge and showcased their services in a transparent manner which confirms how they can create a difference and ensure that international business can be made easy.