Main policy focus of Minister Giselle Mc William.

As of the 27th of August 2019, Curaçao has a new Minister of Economic Development. Former Parliament member of the political party MAN, Mrs. Giselle Mc William bravely accepted the important challenge to lead the island during these difficult times. In her acceptance speech, the Minister explained her vision and intentions.

Minister Mc William explains that she accepted the request of her party to assume this responsibility because she believes in the potential of Curaçao and its people. She is very clear about her plans. “My leadership will be based on good governance, transparency, and inclusion”. The Minister explains that she is open for suggestions from everyone, both experts in the economic field and people who want to give their sincere contribution to reach sustainable economic development for the whole nation and future generations. Job creation is at the heart of her economic vision.


To realize this, the Minister emphasizes trade development. “It is my intention to continue facilitating and stimulating trade for large, medium and small companies, with an emphasis on micro-businesses. This can be realized with large steps or steps that may seem small but that have a large impact” says the Minister.She will continue to focus on tourism as one of the principal economic pillars by creating opportunities to attract more hotels and to upgrade the existing ones.


She has attention for the development of the city center but also for more air connectivity to promote tourism and commerce. Other important factors of attention of Minister Mc William are renewable energy and support for a future partner for Curaçao’s oil refinery. The harbor is also at the center of attention in view of the development of the areas next to the harbor.

The Minister will dedicate special attention to the promotion of exports of products and services in order to generate more income for the island. Other priority areas are the financial service sector and the promotion of the Smart Nation concept.


Within these endeavors, the Minister explains that it is important not to lose sight of the regional and European developments. With this transparent vision based on the inclusion and a practical approach, Minister Mc William asks everyone despite possible differences of opinion to give her a hand to be able to construct the island that we aspire for ourselves and our future generations. With regards to the question of how long she will occupy this position, Minister Mc William says for as long as her party and her people need her contribution. “I have chosen to serve my people”.

The minister will focus on gaining trust in the economy. “Trust will serve as the main catalyst for economic development”.