Reach Out


Now that we are at the beginning of a new year, it is the right moment for reflection. We look back at a year in which a virus made the world stand still. This pause gave us the chance to rethink and redesign our strategies. Our Minister of Economic Development took this opportunity to redesign the economic model for Curaçao. In the feature article titled ‘Putting the plan into action,’ he outlines the ambitious plan step by step.

Embedded in this plan is the National Export Strategy (NES) that Curaçao’s government has been working on in cooperation with the International Trade Centre in Geneva. The NES identifies six priority sectors that the government will continue to develop in collaboration with the local private sector. This edition of REACH delves into some of these actions.

We also look at the power of our diasporas. A diaspora is a group of people with the same native country or people who identify with a specific country/culture who live dispersed throughout the world for different reasons. Considering the number of Curaçaoans residing abroad, it makes good sense to explore the possibilities of engaging more with this group for value creation.

Yu di Kòrsou’s (YDK) live in almost every corner of the world. Curaçao’s diasporas are internationally oriented people and can settle anywhere relatively easily. As our diaspora can be found throughout the planet and are exposed to all kinds of developments, they make up a prolific pool of knowledge that the island can tap into for mutual benefits.  The ‘YDK Diaspora for Business Summit  is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development to reunite the YDK ambassadors and help Curaçao’s economy become more resilient and diversified. The summit will tie global developments to local ones and is an opportunity to give accurate information about government plans, policies, and programs.

The first virtual edition took place from November 30th till December 2nd 2020 The Ministry of Economic Development urges everyone that holds the island dear to their heart, be it by birth, ancestry, or culture, to participate by enrolling in the database The summit was a premium occasion to identify business opportunities, joint activities, studies, and other forms of collaboration.

Curaçao is an ideal location to live and work remotely. We welcome Remote Workers and Digital Nomads, snowbirders and investors to make Curaçao their primary choice for relocation. This edition gives more information on the incentives package for migrant workers and other opportunities.

If you are a location-independent worker looking for a new place to settle, consider moving to Curaçao. Who knows, maybe we can see you in Curaçao in this new year! In the meantime, let’s make it a good one while we continue pushing our plans into action!