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The smart nation concept emerged in Singapore in 2014, when its government decided to expand the smart city initiative to include the whole country and make use of the latest technology available to make life better for the people and more. A bold move for the island that now pays off by providing several benefits to its citizens.

Inspired by Singapore’s success, Curaçao’s Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina, installed a committee to prepare a smart nation concept for Curaçao. Based on other smart city experiences and considering that Curaçao presents a favorable base for several of the necessary requirements, this step is expected to stir exciting new developments for and on the island. 

Smart cities are highly advanced with regards to general infrastructure, sustainable real estate, communications and market possibilities. ICT is the principal infrastructure and the basis for offering essential services to inhabitants. Several technological platforms are involved in the initiative, including automated sensor networks and data centers. In a smart city, economic development and activity are sustainable and logically pursued. 

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