Curaçao Export Nation is the theme of this edition of REACH. The vision of becoming an export nation has strong support of the government and has culminated in the signing of the agreement with the International Trade Center in Geneva, to help Curaçao design its National Export Strategy. Preparations are well under way to start this process.

Curaçao’s economy is experiencing some challenges. Besides external setbacks, caused by the situation in Venezuela and international policy changes affecting the financial services sector, it became necessary to introduce a package of austerity measures to balance the governments’ budget. Being aware of the importance to counter the impact of these measures, the government at the same time created several incentives to stimulate exports and incite more economic initiatives.
This edition of REACH highlights the plans of the new Minister of Economic Development, Mrs. Giselle Mc William and provides an overview of the different export incentives created by Mr. Kenneth Gijsbertha, the Minister of Finance.

Furthermore, in this edition Managing Director of the local manufacturer Curaçao Laboratories & Senior & Co, Mrs. Loes van der Woude talks about the transformation process from being a production based to becoming a marketing focused company

in order to take advantage of exporting possibilities.

Several activities are taking place to stimulate the economy. The Division of Foreign Economic Cooperation is at the heart of these activities. We invite you to read more about them in this edition of REACH.