Smart Nation Platform Curaçao

“Leading the way to makeCuraçao
a Smart and Sustainable Nation“

Curaçao has committed itself since 2016 to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals - SDG’s. Various exercises have been done within this framework. Since then, the National Development Plan of Curaçao has been leading to focus on the development of national indicators for the priority SDG domains formulated in the plan and, secondly, the other identified areas of the “Sustainable Development Goals” program. The Central Bureau of Statistics of Curaçao (CBS Curaçao) is leading in this development process with regard to data collection, data validation and development of the indicators. CBS Curaçao has been working with various data suppliers within the government and outside the government for some time and has signed various cooperation agreements with these stakeholders in the recent past.
In order to be able to monitor the progress on the SDG’s in an appropriate way CBS Curaçao has long been striving for the establishment of a Curaçao data ecosystem, a necessary foundation under the creation of data-related products and services such as a structured monitoring of the progress made by Curaçao in the area of the SDG’s.
Nevertheless, a complete and structured data is in development. A well-developed and established data ecosystem therefore facilitates CBS Curaçao in its endeavor to meet the various data needs that have arisen. A data ecosystem, which is based primarily on secondary administrative data (and a growing number of big data), particularly saves on the costs of primary data collection and facilitates the continuity that is required to facilitate information delivery on all fronts, read SDGs and the Smart Nation process.

During a business summit in Curaçao in January 2019, the Dutch Institute for the Future of Living, presented the ‘’Smart City Roadmap for the Kingdom of the Netherlands’’ to the Minister of Economic Development, the President of the Smart Nation Platform Curaçao, in the presence of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, the Prime Minister of Curaçao Eugene Rhuggenaath and the Dutch deputy Minister of Kingdom relations Raymond Knops. In this Roadmap a number of Key Performance Indicators are proposed with which Curaçao could be benchmarked in accordance with the United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) program.

The National Statistical Institute of the Netherlands already expressed the need to participate in the U4SSC process and gained experience in this field of measuring progress of on the SDG’s on national as well as subnational level for over 3 years. The government of Curaçao as well as CBS Curaçao welcome this line of thought and are therefore keen to seize the opportunity to have Curaçao also join this process.

In June 2019, Minister Konket, in charge with the Ministry of Government, Planning and Public Service visited the Netherlands and had an encounter with the Director General of the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Netherlands and they spoke about collaboration and technical assistance to develop the program Data Driven Curaçao. This Collaboration is being managed by the Director of Regional Data Center development at CBS Netherlands, Mr. Robert Hermans and the Director of CBS Curaçao Mr. Sean de Boer.

So in order to collect all relevant data for the U4SSC KPI’s it is necessary to create a Curaçao Data Ecosystem in which all relevant public and private data are collected, processed and analyzed under the supervision and management of CBS Curaçao, supported and advised by CBS Netherlands.

In other words, the creation of this Curaçao Data Ecosystem is an important requirement to create the foundation under all future data related (export) products and services on the island of Curaçao. In other words, in order to develop a nation into a smart nation (and therefore to benchmark by means of KPIs) investing in a data ecosystem is something that is absolutely necessary. However, the country of Curaçao does not have the necessary funds to organize this on its own force. Therefore, CBS Curaçao, in collaboration with CBS Netherlands , is aiming at obtaining the required budgets through national as well as international channels via this project proposal.

This proposal consists of 4 major projects:
1.    The creation of the Curaçao Data Ecosystem as a solid foundation under Curaçao Smart Sustainable Nation.
2.     Bringing Curaçao under the U4SSC KPI’s to create Smart Sustainable Curaçao
3.     Creation of the Curaçao Smart Sustainable Small Island Developing States (CSIDS)Center of Expertise
4.     The Augment City Simulation Curaçao pilot project

On the following page each project will be described in detail. Based on the assumption that the financial decision making process will be concluded ultimately in Q4 2019 all projects are foreseen to start in Q1 2020. The first year, 2020 is designed to be a pilot year. In Q4 2020 an evaluation is foreseen based on which conclusions can be made to continue the project and if needed, necessary changes in organization, management and finances can be implemented. In order to create a broader overview, in some of the projects budgets are projected over a longer period of time, but focus is put on required budget for pilot year 2020. This proposal is submitted by CBS Curaçao and CBS Netherlands in close collaboration with UNECE, OiER and Augment City.