Arrival of new container handling cranes and start of waterfront development.

First phase of Master Plan St. Anna Bay

Santa Ana is the name of Curaçao’s famous main port and not surprsingly, is also the name of the island’s patron. Santa Anna Bay is at the strategic center of Curaçao’s economy. This year marks the launching of an ambitious Master Plan for further development of the harbor including real estate projects and improvement of the container handling operations. Curaçao Port Authority (CPA) is in charge of that plan. The Master Plan prepared by CPA serves as an actionable strategic document guiding the realignment of the waterfront assets along St. Anna Bay. The Plan is the result of a series of interactions with relevant stakeholders in the community, downtown merchants, and the general public. Its main purpose is to put the waterfront to work for the social and economic benefit of the island.

The Master Plan covers four locations in the harbor area that are now under CPA administration. The first phase is implemented by the local company JCC Development N.V. and started this year. It includes a real estate project called THE WHARF that will be built on an area of 4,000 m² on Kleine Wherf (also known as Kop of Scharloo). The project comprises a complex of 35 luxury apartments with an investment of ANG 20 million. CPA will act as ‘landlord’ and keep ownership of the waterfront area. This first phase will also act as an incubator and promote development in the surrounding area.

Modernization of container handling
The acquisition of two new cranes supports the modernization efforts of the container handling operations at the Container Terminal in the harbour. The arrival of the new cranes took place in February at the same time as the start of the first phase of the Master Plan and reinforces the harbor development activities. The Panamax size cranes and related spare parts were ordered by the Curaçao Port Services B.V. This is the entity that takes care of the container handling. They will be used for modernizing the container handling operations at the Container Terminal in Curaçao. The supplier is Kalmar - Cargotec, a provider of cargo handling solutions and machinery. Curaçao Port Services chose Kalmar because of its reliability, technological expertise and wide service network.

The cranes are the so-called Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes. Their delivery was originally expected by the end of 2019. Currently, Curaçao Port Services operates two Nelcon-Kalmar STS cranes with 400 meters total berth length. The new cranes are expected to improve the productivity, safety and eco-efficiency and at the same time decrease the maintenance costs of the port services. They have an outreach of 39 meters, under-spreader height of 32 meters and capacity of 40 tons under spreader for single lift operation.