Minister Steven Martina
retakes the Helm

One year and three months ago, Mr. Martina made the decision to temporarily relinquish his elected position as the Minister of Economic Development, due to professional and private reasons.

During his absence from public office, Mr. Martina remained continuously engaged and working towards refining his vision for the advancement of a better economy for the people of Curaçao. Armed with his sound vision and robust economic plan, Mr. Steven Martina is fully energized and stands ready, willing and able to retake the helm as the Minister of Economic Development.

The unwelcomed arrival of COVID-19 has decimated all economies globally, leaving all countries no other choice but to “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”, Mr. Martina’s vision calls for the diligent handling and creation of a new economic model for Curaçao, “The New Economy Post COVID-19”, which contains various strategies and ideas that Mr. Martina will implement, resulting in clear guidance towards the road to economic recovery.

One such step is to view the economic policy as an interrelated part of the monetary and fiscal policy of Curaçao. Mr. Martina started this program of economic recovery at the beginning of his stewardship as Minister of Economic Development in 2017, which showed very promising results throughout 2019 under the steadfast and firm leadership of Minister Giselle McWilliam. All these economic gains and achievements were destroyed within six weeks, pushing our country and people back to “economic ground zero”.

“We as a people, must redesign our economic platform” says Minister Martina, success of The New Economy Post COVID-19 must include all citizens and residents of Curaçao banding together as one,…one coalition, the coalition of the willing, working towards and for the betterment, stabilization and full economic recovery of Curaçao.

This Herculean task is only achievable by unification of the public and private sectors, contributing their part to this plan. Executed collectively, we will “Overcome” this ungodly pandemic with a much healthier, economically stable and investment enriched country.

Minister Martina is a firm believer in the principles of Servant Leadership and quotes his father Don Martina, who was Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles in the 80’s and 90’s.

“Don Martina”
“The talents that a country creates should give back from their part to help the advancement of the country. If we do not give from ourselves to help the progress of our country, who will do it for us? Who will do it for us, if we don’t have the courage and the ability to do certain sacrifices to help our country forward?”

Minister Steven Martina enters the arena with several concrete ideas which will dovetail seamlessly with the ongoing developments already in motion. Once blended, will create the synergy for a solid foundation upon which Minister Martina’s economic recovery plan will be realized. Curaçao’s New Economy Post Covid-19 plan will thrive on the pillars of Investments & Export.