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Trade in time of Corona!

2020, a year that for Curaçao started out with certain challenges, but that at the same time were surpassed by positive expectations, in less than a few days turned into the beginning of an era that no economic model can project. Who would have expected that the world economy would be transformed by a virus?

Today the world is still battling the war against this invisible enemy. A moving target that consistently seems to be two steps ahead. We are now in the 5th month of the new year and three months after COVID-19 has been officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. There is still no clue how to fight this global war and what the world will be like when this crisis is over. One thing is certain, this crisis and its aftermath will have significant impact on international trade and how we do business locally.

At the publishing date of this edition of REACH, Curaçao’s government is working together with representatives of the local business sector and the unions to develop a National Export Strategy with the support of the International Trade Centre. This development together with the recent admission of Curaçao as an observer to the World Trade Organization, creates the ideal circumstance to realize the plan to design a more resilient economy, the Curaçao New Economy Post Covid-19.Curaçao’s New Economy Post Covid-19 will be based on more diversification and empowerment of the identified growth sectors. The success of this plan depends on the cooperation of all stakeholders and trust in the economy. Both local, -new and existing- and foreign investors will be approached with an attractive investment package to grow the economy.

In that sense it is to be applauded that the famous local businesswomen Jachmin Pinedo shows her confidence and continues her plan to invest in Curaçao. Development in the medicinal Cannabis industry creates opportunities for local agriculture and pharmaceutical sector. The creative, technology and IT sector offer other interesting business possibilities.   

These topics were discussed during the third edition of the National Export Awareness Week. Due to the COVID crisis, this year the event was completely virtual, to give everyone the opportunity to take part. This year’s edition included several interesting webinars and presentations. REACH invites all interested parties to check out the recordings on