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Curaçao Mining Company started its operations in Curaçao in 1847, making it one of the oldest manufacturing companies on the island. Mr. Kurt Verbist is the CEO of the mining company and the concrete factory that are part of the Janssen de Jong consortium. He talks among other things about the use of smart building technologies in the competition race and their company strategy of improved customer service, innovation and diversity.

Janssen de Jong Holding Curaçao Mining Company pertains to a holding called Janssen de Jong that includes several other businesses. Among them are the concrete factory Betonindustrie Brievengat, A&M Cement Company and Curaçao Calcium. Other companies are Curaçao Road Construction Company (CWM), Asfaltcentrale Curaçao (ACC), Eigen Woning Plan (EWP) and Albo Caribbean. The holding has companies on other Caribbean islands, such as the Bonairean Road Construction Company (BWM) in Bonaire or Albo Aruba and Aruba Road Construction Company (AWM) in Aruba. There is also the Windward Roads, Saba Roads & Construction, Statia Roads and Construction, Sancoro, Central Mix Concrete, Anguilla Roads & Construction, and Anguilla Concrete & Asphalt. The holding has joint ventures and other types of alliances with other businesses in the region. Besides the phosphate mining, the Mining Company makes products to produce asphalt and the concrete industry. The company offers specialty products under the Curaçao Calcium brand for a niche market of plantain cultivation and water distillery. The investor group is active in Curaçao and abroad, and has activities in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. 
These companies offer practically everything that is needed in construction and are important actors in their sector. From a mining company that used to employ approximately 1.200 employees in the 19th century, Curaçao Mining Company (CMC) is now down to 60 employees (although this amount goes up during high season). The Mining Company still excavates phosphate from the mine at the Tafelberg and exports it to a total of 23 different countries. 

Curaçao Phosphate has been on the market since the 19th century and is well known for its exceptional quality. CMC currently produces four different products and is developing the production of several more, as their raw material can serve 26 applications. 

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